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GARRETT Sea Hunter Mark II
Our Price: $989.00 CAD
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Product Code: GE698
image of GARRETT Sea Hunter Mark II

Product Description:
Key Features

Circuit type: Pulse Induction technology for automatic
cancellation of salt/ground mineralization

Audio Threshold, Adjustable: adjust to user's preference

User-adjustable Discrimination/Elimination

Hip Mount Belt/Pouch: reduces detector weight for long searches

Discrimination Modes: Two operating modes (Standard or Discrete) offer varying levels of non-ferrous target discrimination.
Discrete Trash Elimination: use to eliminate most pull tabs and foil
without signficantly degrading sensitivity for rings and coins.
Standard Trash Elimination: provides the deepest possible detection; allows a very slow searchcoil sweep in areas with little trash.

Independently sealed battery compartment

Search Mode: Non-Motion All Metal Deepseeking Mode with
Full Range PI discrimination

Multiple Frequency Technology 22 frequencies
Circuit Type Pulse Induction
Discrimination Full Range (PI)
Search Modes 3
Detection Frequency 750 pulses per second, adjustable
Submersion Depth 200 feet (65m); (underwater
headphones required)
Standard Searchcoil 8" PROformance mono searchcoil
Submersible Headphones Included
Length (Adjustable) 28" to 52" (.71m - 1.32m)
Total Weight 5.1 lbs. (2.3 kgs.) stem-mounted
Control Housing 31 oz. (.88 kgs.)
Detector Buoyancy Near neutral
Batteries 8 AA (included)
Warranty 1 Year, Limited Parts/Labor