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SUUNTO Tandem 360PC/360R (Zone 3 Compass)
Our Price: $329.00 CAD
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Product Code: OR12
image of SUUNTO Tandem 360PC/360R (Zone 3 Compass)

Product Description:
The Suunto Tandem has two precision instruments in one.
Zone3:Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Central South America, Central Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines [Map]

Suunto Tandem is an excellent tool for surveyors, engineers, cartographers, geologists, miners, architects and for anyone who needs to be able to measure directional indications, height, vertical angles and slopes with speed and accuracy. The Suunto Tandem is all you need for both slope/height measurements and compass bearings. You can change the Tandem from compass to clinometer with the click of your wrist. The Tandem is a liquid-filled precision compass and clinometer in one compact aluminium housing.

The Suunto Tandem is a invaluable aid in surveying forests and estimating wood volumes. The Tandem can also be used in mines, quarries and tunnels where inclines have to be measured with great accuracy. When surveying and constructing the Tandem is especially handy when there are obstacles or depressions in the line of vision. In addition, the Tandem assists in establishing GPS communication and installation and positioning of satellite antenna. It helps in establishing the right direction, the correct angle and that the location is free from obstacles.

- Housing made of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminium alloy - The scale cards run on special bearings in hermetically sealed plastic containers filled with a liquid which guarantees that they run freely and stop quickly

- Liquid will not freeze nor evaporate

- Full damping properties in all working conditions

- Elimination of irritating scale vibrations

- Easily readable scales:

- The clinometer scale is both in percentage (0-150%) and degrees (0-90)

- The compass scale is in Azimuth (0-360%) with reverse scale

- Graduated in 1/1% increments

- Contangent and cosine tables

- DM/inch scale

- Thread for mounting in a camera tripod