BRUNTON 5012 Axis Compass

BRUNTON 5012 Axis Compass

$829.00 Each


The Axis was invented by geologists for geologists and features a significant new twist on the pocket transit that is designed especially for easier geological measurements.

Product Details:

•Innovative dual-axis, hollow hinge allows for intuitive, efficient, accurate measurements of planes, lines, bearings, and vertical angles.
•Only one measurement configuration is needed for strike & dip, trend & plunge, bearing & vertical angle, increasing efficiency and accuracy of measurements.
•Compass North is parallel to the main hinge axis, making the Axis the only transit able to measure strike and dip concurrently, through contact or sighting methods.
•Novel lid protractor and rotation around minor axis enables accurate, simultaneous measurement of trend & plunge on any surface, including overhangs.
•Dimensions (Closed): 3.92" X 2.78" X 1.18"
•Weight: 12.5 oz
•Compass Bearing Accuracy: ±1/2 WITH 1° GRADUATIONS
•Inclinometer Accuracy: ±1/2 WITH 1° GRADUATIONS
•Dip Angle Accuracy: ±1/2 WITH 2° GRADUATIONS
•Plunge Angle Accuracy: ±1/2 WITH 1° GRADUATIONS
•Magnetism: NdFeB rare earth magnet on sapphire jewel suspension; high visibility North and South markings; induction damping for quick stabilization.

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