SOKKIA MS27 Mirror Stereoscope Complete

SOKKIA MS27 Mirror Stereoscope Complete

$6,999.00 Each

The MS27 offers unmatched precision and ease of use for viewing and interpreting aerial photographs. The distance between the stereo pairs is 27cm, and the field of view is a generous 18 x 23cm. TRA2 tracking device (option) allows for accurate stereoscopic observation over entire overlapped portions of photographs.

Distance of optical path: 27cm
Magnification Swing-in Magnifier: 1.8x
BN3 Binocular: 3x, BN8A Binocular: 8x
Field of view of stereoscope: 18 x 23cm
Field of view of binocular BN3: 70mm, BN8A: 27mm
Range of eye-span: 55 to 75mm
Weight: 4.0kg (8.8 lbs.)

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