TYLER 8" All Stainless Steel Sieve

TYLER 8" All Stainless Steel Sieve

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$160.00 Each

W.S. Tyler sieves are produced to comply with ASTM and ISO standards while providing consistent repeatable testing and analysis. Standard openings per international specifications range from 20 µm to 5 inches. Tyler Test Sieves conform to the current ASTM E11-09 and ISO 565, 3310-1 standards. Each W.S. Tyler Test Sieve is serialized and supplied with supporting documentation.

Test Sieves specifications:

8-inch (203mm) diameter: openings from ASTM 4’’ (100mm) to ASTM 635 (20µm)
Overall Height 2-5/8” (67mm)
Depth to Cloth 2” (50mm)
Mesh Material: Stainless Steel

Photo shown with optional pan receiver, see below to item link.

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