BEAR D'FENCE 325 GR Pepper Spray

BEAR D'FENCE 325 GR Pepper Spray

$54.95 Each

Our PROFESSIONAL bear deterrents offer maximum range and power against wind penetration. Each BEAR D'FENSEā„¢ unit releases a cone shape spray pattern, slightly narrower than competitor brands. The mist fans out wider, the further it sprays. The benefit? The narrower spray pattern has greater force to project the spray to the bear.

Contains 1% Capsaicin plus related Capsaicinoids of 0.72% = Total 1.72%*
Strongest formulation permitted by Health Canada.
Spray distance of over 20 feet
5 seconds of spray time in the 225g model, and 8 seconds of spray time in the 325g model.
Non Flammable
Non Toxic, environmentally friendly, non ozone depleting.
Safety clip is fastened to head of can: for ease of removal and can be reattached.
Proudly assembled in Canada

All bear deterrent pepper spray products and dog repellent products are licensed for use by Health Canada under the PMRA and are completely legal when used for their intended purpose. Using these products for other than their intended purpose may result in criminal prosecution. Law enforcement products are available for use ONLY to authorized police and military agencies as regulated by each individual country legislation.

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