GEOTUL 30" c/w Wood Handle

GEOTUL 30" c/w Wood Handle

$95.00 Each

During 1988, Ron Tweedie, Thunder Bay geologist, was looking for a tool to do two jobs and one less thing to carry in the bush. Unable to find the right tool he decided to design his own which he named the GeoTul, also known as the GeoTool or a Tweedie Tool.

Sometimes two inches of dirt will cover an outcrop in an important area. If you have only a pointed-end rock hammer, you can't do anything. This tool will get you a sample. Sometimes, in these latitudes, moss will cover many outcrops. With this tool you can cut the roots, and scrape away lichens, and roll-up moss like a carpet. You will get more samples with this tool, than with any other PAIR of tools.

GEOTUL is now made from almost 3 pounds (1.1 kg.) of heat treated nickel chrome boro-steel. When taking soil samples, one swing will get you and A – B – or C zone. No problem.

GeoTul / GeoTool features:

New tempered nickel chrome boro-steel alloy
Hickory Handle Absorbs Vibration
Safety Grip coating on handle and Custom Knob Grip
Reinforced Mattock for removing topsoil
Flat Top allows tool to stand up
Internal "bench" holds the handle securely

Available in 18", 24" and 30" lengths to fit your needs

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